Serious Sam 3's amazing Immortal Scorpion DRM

The DRM Croteam has placed into Serious Sam 3: BFE may just be the best yet. As you can see, pirated copies of the game contain an Immortal Scorpion foe that will constantly follow you throughout the game. You can keep playing it, but you’ll constantly being stalked by a killing abomination that has no interest in stargazing. Usually DRM is a double dose of poison for both legal and illegal consumers, but this way legal buyers are left alone and pirates take in all the venom. So we can all agree that the never ending time portal in illegal copies of the DS version of Chrono Trigger has been topped right? Of course we can! Like Chrono Trigger though, the DRM in Serious Sam 3 will probably be patched sooner or later. Nonetheless, I commend Croteam’s noble effort in the fight against swashbucklers.

Via The Dark Side of Gaming