Minecraft easter egg discovered in Skyrim

While the relationship between Bethesda and Mojang has been a tad strained lately thanks to a silly legal battle, it seems the good will between the developers still holds true with this great discovery in Skyrim. Alledgedly found in the Throat of the World, the epic, mountainous home of the Greybeards, is a unique ‘notched’ pickaxe. Markus ‘Notch’ Persson, creator of Minecraft, has acknowledged this easter egg on his twitter account.

“Adding the Toddhowared Pickaxe to Minecraft.”

While there’s little reason not to believe this item exists in Skyrim, modders are already hard at work adding things like in-game street views for the map screen, enhanced textures and replacing all spiders with bears. Hears hoping the notched pickaxe is real!

Source: Game Informer