Humble Indie Bundle Returns!

Well, it actually returned a couple days ago, but due to unforeseen circumstances, mainly me buying and playing Voxatron, the game on offer, time kind of got away from me.

For those who don’t know, the Humble Indie Bundle is an event where you can buy a bundle of indie games for whatever price you want. As time goes on, more games get added and you get them by paying more than the overall average price. You can also decide where your money goes between the developers and charities. Great way to support great things, for a great price, and you get great games. The games come with no DRM, work natively on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and also include redeemable Steam keys. It’s all just so… great.

Anyway, in addition to the Voxatron alpha, if you pay more than the average price of $3.86 (at the time of this writing), you get The Binding of Isaac and Blocks That Matter. Or you could pay below that and only get Voxatron.

Voxatron is described as a voxel-based, old-school-gone-new platform shooter. It also comes with a level editor and a guarantee to all future Voxatron updates.

The Binding of Issac is described as a delicious brew of randomly generated, Legend of Zelda-esque dungeons; Robotron-esque run-and-gun; and action-RPG progression. The recently launched Halloween update also adds a bunch of new content.

Blocks That Matter is described as an award-winning, charismatic, platform-puzzler mashup. You assimilate blocks of varying materials and properties, and after absorbing the blocks, you’ll need to recreate them in various tetromino-shaped patterns to solve puzzles and traverse levels.

Head on over to theHumble Indie Bundle website for more info on the whole thing. As of this writing there’s about 13 days left to buy everything. So buy now, beat the rush!