New Skyward Sword trailer features Link's inevitable sword upgrade

Link eventually obtaining the Master Sword is not exactly a spoiler. In the previous games it was a huge treat to see Link heft the mighty blue-hilted blade with its timeless theme music solidifying his eventual triumph over evil, but the impact of Skyward Sword’s version of this moment seems to have been lost in this trailer. Perhaps the scene in its entirety will hold true in the final game. Thankfully, this new trailer also has some more glimpses at the supposedly large amount of cinematics (a feature only Nintendo still seems to advertise these days) that players will bet treated to along with a few snippets of gameplay. Some other highlights include the ESRB’s silly “comic mischief” classifier, landscape color correction and a glimpse of NPCs that actually look more disturbing than the great fairies from Ocarina of Time.


The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will be released on November 20th; also known as the day the Wii in my apartment is powered on for the first time in months.

Source: Gametrailers