Many Arkham City Copies Come With Faulty Codes

Many customers are reporting that their new copies of Arkham City are missing the Online Pass to unlock Catwoman. Many are reporting that their copies either are missing them completely, or contain code sheets without any codes on them, or codes that just don’t work. Many are also reporting that their pre-order DLC aren’t working. I can’t find which ones specifically though, since there’s a stupid amount of pre-order DLC’s.

You know, if you want to use a stupid amount of codes to unlock so many things, it’d be a good idea to make sure they actually work. Or, you could not use so many codes to lock away so much content. Thereby completely being able to avoid blunders like this that will most surely cost more money to fix than you will gain from said codes.

It’s just a shame that people who bought new, which is what they want, are being inconvenienced by such a pointless system. What do they thing this is? The PC?


Via – Destructoid