2012 IGF Pirate Kart Releases, Makes Busy Gamers Cry

“Damn, I hope this 1.14 gig download doesn’t but me over my bandwidth limit.”

“What are you doing, downloading a video games?”

“No. I’m downloading 313 video games.”

That’s right, the 2012 IGF Pirate Kart has been released. Previous Pirate Karts have been a sort of Ludum Dare on steroids, challenging indie game makers to create hundreds of new games in 48 hours, then put them in one big zip file. This one’s a little different, with a calvacade of well-known indie icons (ranging from prolific contributors Terry Cavanaugh and Anna Anthropy to less proliferic-but-still-famous folks like Radiator’s Robert Yang) taking previously completed games that they’re legitamitely proud of but “too rough” for single competition h and entering them wholesale in the IGF.

The IGF is one of the few obvious avenues indie game makers have to actually making a living off their work, but it’s enormously competitive and the $95 entry fee means that you’re a lot more likely to lose money than gain it. By paying the fee once for a boatload of games, the makers are sneaking some weirder material into the showcase. Awesome, I say!

As an added bonus, you now don’t have to buy any video games for at least a year. Someone needs to start a dedicated WordPress blog and play one a day.

You can grab the pack – and read quotes from some contributors – at piratekart .com.


  1. Andrew McDonald

    I feel like a list of the games that are actually worth playing should be made. I’m finding that a lot of them I’ve tried are really boring or really bad.

    • I know Braindead has recieved some positive response, but yeah, someone really needs to delve into it. Though with games this experimental/low-fi it’s going to be really varied who gets enjoyment out of them.

      Try playing FuhFuhFire. Not a great game, but worth playing for a few minutes just for the audio!