RUMOR: Leaked Photo Reveals Ezio Auditore and Unnamed New Character for Soul Calibur 5

Another day, another rumor. This time, from Soul Calibur 5. An unnamed man has apparently snapped this picture from a beta version of the upcoming game, revealing with it a new, unnamed character, as well as Ubisoft’s elusive assassin, Ezio Auditore, as the game’s secret guest character.

There’s very little information surrounding this rumor – only the anonymous photograph – so take it with a grain of salt. However, Soul Calibur has a history of guest stars appearing in their games, from Nintendo’s Link to Star War’s Yoda and Darth Vader, and Ezio certainly fits the game’s theme quite nicely, so it’s not quite the stretch some might imagine.  Likewise, adding to the authenticity is the unnamed character in the top row of the character select menu, beside Ezio himself.

It seems safe to say if this mysterious man gets revealed sometime within the future, that will confirm the authenticity of this rumor.


  1. Robert

    Looks like they’re using illustrations instead of the standard 3D models on the character select menu as well. Good call considering how long it takes to load up the 3D models. Unless that is just for the beta.

  2. Lance

    Please let the Sophitia look like this in the final game. Boob size in Soul Calibur games had crossed the line from sexy to ludicrous

    The hatted character looks like either Kung Lao from MK or Twisted Fate from LoL (if the new character is a crossover).

  3. its fake man, I can’t believe this is spreading fast and majority are believing this

    the current character selected Prytoria is in 2D cartoon art while Enzio is in 3D rendered art. Inconsistent much?

    also why would Enzio’s style be a dash?

    No Random select?
    no button layout mapped on screen like B for going back?
    also same alternate costume outline design from SC4?
    no “character select” name on top?
    character slots to the left instead of the middle?

    but i like the photoshop, I ALMOST believed it as well the first time I saw it.

    • Namco Bandai held a closed door press event in San Francisco yesterday which, coincidentally, is when this image was leaked. Odds are very good that this was revealed at the press event and that there’s currently an embargo on the information, which is why we haven’t heard anything more about it. They’re going to announce the information from the event later this week, so we’ll find out soon enough whether or not it’s legit.

      • i highly doubt it man.

        watch the E3 character select screen, yes we all know many things would change in months but look closely at the other characters- Nightmare? since when do SC games uses 2D art for their select screen? its a 3D game not Blaze Blue. At least the old build has ‘Character Select’ name on screen.

        Obviously this was done to gain something, probably a pitch to make Enzio the guest character because I’ve seen people asking him to be one ages ago. And this is working because people are talking about this.

        Yes the conference was held and that is also a good time to spread rumours. Also how can someone get so close to the tv and take a picture without the devs knowing? LOL

        Believe I know this stuff, cuz I was the DOA 5 menu leaker:P