Amazing Spider-Man Game Trailer Looks…Amazing.

Unlike most superheroes, Spider-Man has had a decent run in the video game world. Ever since gamers were given the freedom to swing around New York as the arachnid acrobatic his games have had a flawed, but overall consistent quality to them that is unmatched by any other superhero. Though none have quite reached the pinnacle of fun that was achieved in Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man hasn’t exactly had any Superman 64-level debacles either. Unlike most fans I don’t believe a Spider-Man game needs free roaming to be good, but I absolutely welcome its return in this all-gameplay trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man tie in game from Beenox, the developer of Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time.

Aside from giving us an unpleasantly long look at Spidey’s new shoes, the trailer is stellar. We see the redesigned Spider-Man leaping off of rooftops, swinging through both day and nighttime New York, running up walls, and facing off against some kind of giant spider robot. It’s much more encouraging than the teaser released for the film earlier this year.

And don’t give me any riffraff about all movie licensed games being crap. Based on their track record, Spider-Man games get the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps I’ll change my opinion once we see what video game Andrew Garfield looks like.