Beta Announced for Tribes: Ascend

Have you signed up for the Tribes: Ascend Beta? If you go to to their homepage you can ensure a spot in the action when it comes out on November 4th. If you preorder a copy of the game you’ll be entitled to guaranteed access to the game, but those of you with commitment issues can try your luck through the normal registration. Although the beta will be available for PC users, the company has stated that they will be waiting until after the release to determine when it will be available for consoles.

Hi-Rez studios has confirmed that the beta will include:

  • A subset of the classes intended for the final game, with additional classes being added over the course of the beta. Note that some weapon models, Special FX and other attributes of the art around the weapons may be temporary.
  • A subset of the maps intended for the final game, with additional maps being added over the course of the beta.
  • The initial Closed Beta will include the CTF and Rabbit gamemodes.
  • Initial system for player advancement
  • “Quick Matches” in which players simply hit “Play Now” and are slotted into a new or already-running match based on basic match-making rules.
  • A basic Friends List, that allows you to see whether or not your friends are online and to join the match they are currently playing in (if there is room in the match).

Via Tribesascend


  1. Signed up a few months ago. That slot is MINE.

    And HOLY YES Rabbit. Tribes 2 probably had more game modes (nine) than any multiplayer title shipped since (not counting make-your-own-mode games like Halo). Sadly none other than Capture the Flag were played very much. Rabbit was pretty great.

    “There is one flag, and everyone tries to grab it. Once someone grabs it, he tries to survive as long as possible while everyone else tries to kill him and take it from him.” Let me tell you, having a dozen guys with jetpacks all racing to kill you is INTENSE.

  2. gt walsh

    It looks like a good time. Too bad they decided to release it November 4th. There’s going to be a lot of video game competition during OCT-DEC and it might have done a little better by waiting a few months to grab some more headlines.