Team Bondi Owe Over $1 Million to Ex-employees

LA Noire’s development has been one of the most troubled in recent memory- a seven year dev cycle, multiple publishers, inhumane work-hours – but one of the most alarming facts surrounding its production was that any employee who didn’t stick it out to the very end (of which there are over 100) were not paid bonuses and overtime, nor were they included in the game’s credits.

With the Australian developer now in the process of liquidation, it has come to light that Team Bondi owes over $1.4 million Australian (roughly the same in US dollars) to its creditors, over $1 million of which is owed to 33 employees – not counting those excluded from the game’s credits. Studio lead Brendan McNamara is owed the most of any single one person, with his debt adding up to just over $100,000, shortly followed by general manager Vicki Lord who is owed just over $99,000.

Also on the bill is Depth Analysis, the McNamara-owed technology company who are responsible for the game’s advancements in facial animation. Their debt weighs in at just over $145,000.

The studio is still in the process of liquidation, during which outstanding debts will be paid before the developer officially closes down.

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