Chicken Snitches in Skyrim Bug Fixed . . . Unfortunately

"The Nine save us! He just killed that man! I better report this to the guards."

While creating games can be a long, grueling process, the humorous bugs that tend to pop up here and there can be little lights in the darkness of development. Rivaling the hilarity of Bungie’s “pimp brute” glitch, the folks at Bethesda recently had to fix a glitch in Skyrim that was causing chickens to report crimes to the town guards. I can only imagine the reaction to this discovery. It must have been one of the few times someone has uttered the phrase, “Oh! It was the chickens! Of course!” Many fans of the game have begun petitioning to have the “feature” implemented back into the game. Maybe the PC version will get a simple console command.


Source: The Escapist


  1. Pajamas

    No elder scrolls fan has petitioned that. ever.

  2. Ben Obsidian

    That would be an incredibly silly thing to have as a variable – though I bet if it isn’t something the developers leave in as a possible toggle via command, people will make a mod for it if they want it.