FF Type-0 Characters Level While You Do More Important Things

Pictured: Studying

One feature of Final Fantasy Type-0 that will likely anger a few traditionalists is the game’s secret mission feature. Ace, Queen, and their friends are such studious residents of the Peristerium School of Magic that as long as you put your PSP to sleep instead of turning it off when you’re not playing, they will continue to gain ability points as they hit the books after a long day of you guiding them through their adventures.

There’s probably something to be said about games becoming nigh automated here, but for people with not nearly enough time like me it’s time to rejoice! This is fantastic! I’ll get to enjoy a Final Fantasy game and possibly finish it while its still relevant! Type-0 may be the first game in the franchise I’ll finish since Final Fantasy IX. All fellow residents of the guild of gamers with no time are invited to join me in glorious celebration! We shall gather with our PSPs in sleep mode and complete the less exciting tasks of our lives together in harmony!

Source: Siliconera