Final Fantasy XIII-2 To Have DLC Enemies, Starting With Omega Weapon [Updated]

Fresh off the press, Square has finally revealed the first pieces of post-launch DLC intended for Final Fantasy XIII-2, starting with Omega. Known more commonly as Omega Weapon, fans of the Final Fantasy series should have no problems recognizing this iconic enemy.

Not only one of the strongest bosses throughout the series, he was also the franchise’s first superboss (along with Shinryu), kicking off the now longstanding tradition of including of super-difficult optional bosses that make the even the final encounter seem like a walk through the park. As with other monsters in FFXIII-2, upon defeat, you’ll be able to recruit him into your party, giving you the possibility of an incredibly strong ally.

Hey guys. Heard you needed a 3rd party member. Sup?

In addition to Omega, the game’s post-launch DLC will also include optional costumes for both Serah and Noel. No word yet on the expected release date for this content, and as of right now, it’s only been announced for the Japanese market–much like the Calamity Blade and Seraphic Wing pre-order DLC weapons. Hopefully Square Enix will have something to announce to the western market in the near future.

UPDATE: And just like that, Square Enix has announced that Japan’s post-launch DLC will be America’s preorder DLC. Preordering at GameStop will score you the bonus costumes for Serah and Noel, while preordering at Amazon will net you the battle with Omega. No word yet on whether or not Japan’s preorder bonuses, the Calamity Blade and Seraphic Wing, will make their way overseas.


  1. Robert

    They should make the Titan from Pulse recruitable.

    • Vagrant

      I wanted the Omega Weapon model of Final Fantasy VIII. Shinryu wouldnt be half bad either…Its a nice strategy…bringing iconic beasts from the FF Series and be recruitable…good but Shin Megami Tensei might get umcofrotable with Square taking heed of such mechanic.