Capcom DRM is on a Case-by-Case Basis

On the Playstation Network, at least. Certain downloadable PSN titles from Capcom, most notably Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 and Final Fight: Double Impact, require the user to be online at all times in order to play.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Capcom’s U.S. vice president Christian Svensson said ”Sony has a form of network DRM that we have chosen to use on a couple of titles, really as much as an experiment as anything else, to see what the impact was.”

As for the impact it had, Svensson says that it was “inconclusive”, and didn’t appear to hurt or help them. He added that for future releases, Capcom will be looking at it on a case-by-case basis.

Again, this is only for the PSN versions of their games, 360 owners don’t have to worry about a thing.

So… Capcom, did you bother to wonder and investigate how it effects your customers? How they get locked out if for some reason your servers or PSN goes down, like it did earlier this year? The DRM doesn’t do anything good or bad for you Capcom, but it is 100% bad for the consumer. So please stop with this DRM. According to your data, you’ve got nothing to lose, and the customers have only positive things to gain. So remove it, stop using it, and stop giving the people who are actually paying for the game the worse product.

Via – 1UP