Battlefield 3's Platoons Take Clans "To The Next Level"

Battleblog #12 is out, and with it a wealth of new information on Battlefield 3’s battlelog and the game’s new Platoon feature. As described on the battleblog,  “A Platoon is essentially the classic concept of gaming clans, only taken to the next level of flexibility and social interaction.”

On the outset, the features are pretty normal. You can create your platoon’s name and emblem, while each platoon can house 100 players, and each player can be a member of up to 3 platoons. It’s your standard fair, but nothing remarkable. Beyond that, however, is a feature rich network of statistics and information provided to you and your fellow platoon members that effects it’s overall standing within the online community.

Everything you and your members do will have an impact on your platoon’s rank, score, and stats–tracking not only your individual performance, but the collective performance of your entire platoon as well. To assist this, you’re also given a breakdown of how well members are performing, along with the classes people are playing and who your most valuable players are.

In addition, there will also be a host of social features integrated into the battlelog to keep you connected to your fellow members and other platoons alike. Starting with your platoon’s feed, it will provide you with information on match records, new members, internal chats, and the like to keep you informed on what’s happening internally, while the battlelog will allow you find and locate platoons local to you, apply for membership, or fan them to follow their progress and achievements.

It certainly sounds like it will add another layer of depth to what’s shaping up to be this holiday’s must-have multiplayer title, giving you plenty of incentive to not only get into the multiplayer, but to get involved and work together with a community. With teamwork already being one of the series’ hallmark traits, these beneficial features are more than a welcome addition to the series.

If you’re lucky enough to be in the BF3 beta, then you’ll be able to test out these new features at this very moment. As for the rest of us, 10/25 can’t come soon enough.

Battlefield 3 [Battleblog #12]

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  1. Aerothorn

    BF3 beta is now open, so jump in! Sadly, the open beta seems less like a stress test and more like a really limited demo; no vehicles, no 64 player maps, no platoon feature, and they just turned off deformable terrain. It’s awesome, yet one wonders why they removed all the things that are most distinctly Battlefield from it.