Persona 4 the Animation Headed Stateside

Good news, fans of anime and JRPGs. It’s been confirmed that PERSONA 4 the Animation will soon be headed to the western hemisphere. Houston-based licensing company, Sentai Filmworks, have announced that they will be picking up and distributing the 25 episode series based on the stellar Persona game of the same name.

The anime is helmed by Seiji Kishi, director of other hit series Raagnorok the Animation and Angel Beats!, while Yuuko Kakihara of Stitch! and Heaven’s Lost Property fame will handle script supervision. It’s set to follow the newly renamed Yu Narukami and his band of friends as they try to resolve an ongoing series of mysterious murders, closely following the same story established in the game.

While no release date has been set in the west, the series is scheduled to broadcast on Japan’s MBS network on October 6, with Sentai Filmworks confirming digital distribution methods will begin soon afterwards and a planned DVD and Blu-Ray release scheduled for sometime 2012.