Michele Bachmann's campaign to utilize Farmville

Over the last couple of months, the Bachmann campaign has explored social media options such as Facebook and Twitter to better target small, but specific demographics cheaply and efficiently. Bachmann’s campaign claims that this strategy was what gave them a small edge in the Iowa Republican strawpoll earlier this year, though interestingly enough, she only won by about 150 votes.

Given their alleged success with the social media campaign, Bachmann is looking into launching a “gamification of politics” via the infamous Facebook game, Farmville. The project will allow players to get involved with politics in-game,by introducing doorknocking for political candidates on other player’s farms, and allowing players to place yard signs ion their lawns. The software is slated to release sometime later this year, though we’re curious if it will actually be successful given that the numbers suggest it’s doubtful that their social media campaign actually made any difference.

Via SF Gate

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  1. GT Walsh

    Lol, I’m going to start seeing Bachman signs on my Minecraft lawn.