NIS America Developing for Xbox 360/PC

A Japanese publisher/developer that actually wants to distribute games on the Xbox 360 and PC? You heard right! Nippon Ichi Software, best known for the Disgaea series, is making their latest game available on Xbox 360 and through Steam. Clan of Champions (Gladiator Versus in Japan) is a fighting game in which up to four players can duke it out in an arena playing as fantasy favorites like elves, orcs, and us puny humans.

“Yes, this will be our first Xbox 360 game. Right now, it’s our only title for Xbox 360,” said Haru Akenaga, President of NIS America, in an interview with Siliconera. “We had some plans to release titles for the Xbox 360, but considering the Japanese market some developers gave up on releasing Xbox 360 versions. With this title [Clan of Champions] we analyzed the U.S. market and the best market for this kind of title. Because of that we decided we should release it for Xbox 360.”

We Americans do like our violence. I wonder if they considered the fact that this game in no way includes Russel Crowe? Either way depite the possible dire consequences, I’m more than happy to embrace more Japanese games on predominantly American platforms.

Source: Siliconera