Battlefield 3 Open Beta Coming September 29th

EA’s Peter Moore revealed that Battlefield 3 will be launching an open beta at the end of the month, allowing players to experience the upcoming blockbuster before the October 28 release date.

The beta will provide a taste of what is sure to be one of the biggest blockbusters of the year. Featuring the new Frostbite engine, Moore promises that Battlefield 3 will provide a true to life experience that will immerse the player into the most realistic environments ever created.

He also highlights the incorporation of vehicles by writing, “Battlefield is also the only shooter game that will let you jump in and out of combat vehicles on the fly. Soldiers in the real world go from jeeps to tanks to helicopters – whatever it takes to accomplish the mission at hand.”

Although Moore helped launch Halo 2, apparently he has forgotten that the Halo series has allowed gamers the same opportunity to utilize vehicles for years.

The beta will run from September 29th to October 10th and will feature Rush mode on the Operation Metro map. Stats will not carry over from the beta to the game and some bugs are to be expected. Battlefield 3 will be available on the PS3, XBOX 360, and PC.

Via EA