Deus Ex: Human Revolution Outsourced its Boss Battles

Human Revolution released to pretty much universal praise. However, one thing that stuck out are the game’s boss battles. They have been criticized as uninspired, boring, forcing you to fight no matter what, and for being generally out-of-place in an otherwise great game.

Well, it seems that we have a reason for all that now. The boss fights in Deus Ex were outsourced to a different company, G.R.I.P. Entertainment. G.R.I.P. mainly does general AI work and NPC design for other games. A behind-the-scenes video recently hit Youtube, which illustrates G.R.I.P.’s approach to the battles, how they worked with Eidos Montreal, and the tech behind it all. It’s also worth noting that G.R.I.P.’s CEO is a “shooter guy”, which would help explain why shooting was more or less the only way to handle the battles.

Via – Game Informer