First-Person Journalism comes to life in Warco

It’s almost absurd to think that a first-person game set in a warzone can put you in a powerless, passive role, but Warco seems to do just that. Short for War Correspondent, the first-person indie title from Brisbane-based Defiant Development – an indie development composed of the recently closed Pandemic Studios, responsible for Mercenaries, Destroy All Humans and Star Wars: Battlefront – drops players in the middle of a warzone armed with only a flak jacket and a video camera to document the surrounding carnage. Players can than edit, compile and share their war coverage online, and the devs promise that no two Warco stories will be the same.

Defiant tout the game as a “powerful entry-level training tool for future combat reporters,” which is a big call, but it’s packed with wonderful potential. The game’s release date, platform and publisher still remain a mystery.

Defiant Development – Warco