SPAZ giveaway winners!

Which ruthless individuals won a copy of Space Pirates and Zombies? We picked three winners for the giveaway, two from the comments section and one from our Twitter feed. The winners either convinced us of their treacherous inclinations as a space captain candidate, tickled our funny bone, or, in the case of the Twitter feed, had lady luck smile upon their computer monitors.

So, who won?

Joel Rucker; “I’d leave my crew to rot in a cruel, zombified state half eaten by aliens, having taken the contents of their pockets, and find a new crew.”

It’s not enough to kill your crewmates, you see. It’s important that you steal from their dead, lifeless bodies, too.

Ohbit3 ; “I would travel to Mount Everest where at a phone booth will be a man in a black suit. I will tell him that I must contact superman to fly me to his secret lair due to zombies, he will gladly escort me (in the non-sexual way) if I am willing to find a goat with black hair and raise it from exactly three weeks old to 10 months. Even though Space Zombies are rapidly approaching in their makeshift UFOs I will accept his deal and go off on an adventure to raise a goat. Oh and the goat’s name shall be Mr. Fluffle-muffins. That’s how far I would go.”

Ohbit, you tapped into my non sequitur brand of humor. Any chance you might like Adventure Time, too?!

And, lastly, from our Twitter feed!

David Hughes; “Space PIRATE Zombies.”

That answer is in response to ‘Which is cooler, space pirates or space zombies’? And, looks like he nailed it, too: neither of those is as cool as both of those at once!

If you won, make sure to get into contact with us somehow (email, Twitter, corn field messages) so that we may send you your code! And, of course–thanks to everyone who entered!