A Quick One: Prelude of the Chambered

Ever heard of the games competition Ludum Dare? It challenges developers to make games in 48 hours, and in the past it’s been a source of some of the most creative games imaginable. Games like Last Tuesday by Jake Elliot and Depict from the not quite the same but similar Global Game Jam represent just some of the excellence that’s come out of these quick games competitions.

Prelude of the Chambered is an entry in the most recent edition of the contest made by one Notch (you may have heard of him). Effectively, it is a 3-D Zelda-alike, taking aesthetic cues from the first person shooters of the 90’s and (you guessed it) Minecraft.

It’s also a ludicrously enjoyable explorathon focusing on your escape from a pretty creepy prison. Its mechanics square between old and new school, with a variety of collectible items for puzzle solving and loads of enemies. It’s quite good, and it’s free to play right here! Give it a go. It’ll brighten your Monday morning.

One Comment

  1. Shubin

    I’ve played through it twice and both times had it bug out right at the end when you…


    Start defeating the ghosts, flip the switches, push the boulder and open the door in the room with the final white cube. The ghosts just never attack.

    Still a great game and it was amazing watching Notch develop on the live stream, I pretty much watched all 2 days of it.