No Server Browser for Battlefield 3 on PC

But it will still have dedicated servers, you just can’t browse them in-game.

Confused? Well, let me explain things. In order to switch servers in Battlefield 3 on the PC, you’ll have to exit the game, go onto the Battlelog site (Battlelog is essentially a Battlefield 3 hub. It’s not actually up yet), pick a server from there, then the game will start up and you’ll join.

Now, that may sound like a stupidly obtuse way to do something that every single PC game with dedicated serves can do faster without having to exit the game, but in Battlefield 3’s defense, it boots up real fast.

Not sure why they couldn’t just, I don’t know, integrate Battlefield 3’s primary social hub into the game itself, but whatever.

This comes after the news that consoles will get a server browser.

I’d make a snappy remark or something, but honestly… it feels like it just wouldn’t be enough.

via – BF3Blog