Trion Worlds' Upcoming MMORTS "End of Nations" will be Free-to-Play

Continuing today’s free-to-play news, publisher Trion Worlds has announced that its upcoming MMORTS game End of Nations will adopt a free-to-play revenue model.

End of Nations is being developed by Petroglyph Games, a group of developers behind the original Command & Conquer game, and features faction vs. faction real-time strategy action.

“Every End of Nations player will have full access to all the heart-stopping action-packed strategic warfare that the game offers, including massive scale battles of over 50 players, a huge persistent world, and customization options to make every army and unit unique. Gamers can play in the solo campaign, in co-op mode with up to 50 other players, and in Conquer the World multiplayer in giant conflicts of up to 26 vs. 26 for global control of the massive persistent world. There’s no time limit on access, and all players can play for free.”

To view the full article, including a FAQ about the f2p model, visit the official End of Nations homepage.