The greatest thing you have ever seen on Minecraft – Middle Earth

With the thousands of impressive creations that have been spawned by Minecraft users, do you ever wonder if anything still impresses Notch and the Mojang guys?  Wonder no more.  I give you…Middle Earth.  Not just Hobbiton.  Not just Rivendell.  Middle Earth.  I’m sure even Minecraft’s creators have to tip their cap to this.

Peter Jackson and his brilliant crew at Weta Workshop showed an eye-popping attention to detail when bringing Middle Earth to theaters.  As you will see by this video, the guys and gals over at are now the Weta of Minecraft.  (except they didn’t leave Tom Bombadil out of their world and I imagine if you could bump into Faramir he wouldn’t be such a sniveling prat…)  The massive scope of their book-faithful recreation of Middle Earth is the reason the word “nerdgasm” was created.  And when I say massive scope…I mean they hit the end of the Minecraft world.

To the best of their knowledge, they are the first group of users to accomplish this feat making them the collective Christopher Columbus of Minecraft.  But alas, their world is indeed flat.  They are currently in contact with members of Mojang to acquire more room as there is still much work to be done.  All is explained by the incredibly dorky commentary provided during this video tour.  And before you start mocking said commentary – it is a 45 minute virtual tour of Middle Earth created on Minecraft.  Did you expect Barry White to narrate?  Did you think this video would get you laid?  It is simply nerd bliss, so I encourage you to revel in the geek-speak as much as I did.

Visit their site by clicking here and take the opportunity to join the White List and explore their world for yourself!  And when you do, please come back to Nightmare Mode and leave tales of your journey in the comments below.  If exploring for yourself is too daunting a task, view the video and let us know your impressions of what they have accomplished!  I’m sorry what you built in Minecraft no longer looks as impressive as it once did.