I can has create my own Soul Calibur 5 character?

Oh yes.  You can has.

Mitsurugi wants to stab your character

Thanks to the “NPC Recruiting Initiative” currently enabled on soularchive.jp, you can finally stop arguing about why a fetus ninja would dominate Ivy.   Simply provide a name for your dream character as well as a fighting style and appearance preference and you could possibly sway Namco Bandai to include your original character in Soul Calibur V!!! 

You have until August 5 to submit your entry, so use that time to think wisely.  What weapon would your character wield?  What unnatural hair color would your character have?  If female, will her breasts be ridiculously large or far too ridiculously large?  Well, perhaps you don’t have that sort of complete control.  You will be able to select a nationality and then be asked to answer a selection of multiple choice questions. 

Regardless, don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of gaming history.  And if you take the above breast comment literally, don’t miss your opportunity to give young girls everywhere “Soul Crippling” body issues.  I mean really…has our society not evolved enough to accept a female fighting game character with a B-cup?  Is that too much to ask?  Perhaps you can make it so, Nightmare Mode reader!

Follow this link and give it your best!  And while you’re at it, let us know what your ideal character would be in the comments below!


  1. My character would be made of breasts, kinda like Vectorman. She’d know that she could mop the floor with you but would rather you mop yourself across the floor.

    Her name would be Boob.

    • Adam Johnson

      If you could go into that much detail, the contest would have ended long ago and you would be working for Namco/Bandai right now.

  2. Robert

    My character would literally use her boobs as weapons. They would stretch and elongate as needed by the attack she is performing, and the bigger they’re stretched,the bigger they remain once they settle back on her chest. Also, she is wearing a leaf on her crotch, and pasties on her nippies.

  3. Adam Johnson

    I’m pretty sure that character already exists? If not, then I’m sure Itagaki and Suda51 are already working on a game for her. Kind of excited about it now.