Battlefield 3 wants nature to kill you, too

Battlefield 3 developers DICE are talking a pretty big game this year. Along with a legion of players fed up with Call of Duty’s popularity, they’re hoping they can knock Activision’s best-selling franchise from its perch as the be-all-and-end-all of games. While replacing one military shooter backed by a goliath publisher with … another military shooter backed by a goliath publisher won’t really change things, at least DICE are making some interesting promises about the capacity of their new engine, Frosbite 2.0. Lead multiplayer designer Lars Gustavsson spoke to PSM3 magazine about the improved engine and hints at the possibility of earthquakes.

“It’s technically possible to have earthquakes in multi-player using Frostbite 2.0. We feel like kids walking into sweet shops with Frostbite – it has so many features we never knew we needed, and we’re still figuring out how best to use them,” said Gustavsson. “We’re still looking into ambient destruction in multi-player; it’s still too early to say really.”

While not exactly a promise, it’s a neat idea – lord knows I’d love to feel Mother Nature herself tremble at the strength of my mortar strikes.

[Computer And Video Games: Battlefield 3: ‘We can do earthquakes in multiplayer’]