Dreaming in Color: Omnitopic Roundup

Pulling me away from my Steam-induced forced gaming sessions…how professional this site’s become. Anyway, here we are. Color was last month’s topic, and color is the topic of this post! Here are some of the many and varied posts we made this month on the most colorful of topics.

-Olivia wrote a general exploration of the theme, looking at how colors make a game have soul. Here’s where I make a pithy remark about how if games had souls we shouldn’t break disks, but that’s neither here nor there.

-Stefan gave a think to color as signifier, either of elements or meters. Health is red. Remember. Health is red. Unless you’re poisoned. Then it’s green. Or maybe purple.

Tim composed a great retrospective of color in consoles, focusing on the arcades, the virtual boy, and the game boy color in different measures. Physical colors, therefore.

Alas, neither Fern nor myself got to writing about racism. We’ve still got a couple loosely affiliated articles coming on the topic, but that about concludes this one. Tune in soon (tonight, perhaps? We’ll see!) for July’s Omnitopic!

(Image from a lovely site not in English.

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    I did not finish my article in time. I am Shame.