Roundup of Unusual Size: Get mad!

Nightmare Mode republishes Dire Critic’s ‘Roundup of Unusual Size’, a collection of links put together by site friend, Kris Ligman. It’s like Critical Distance, except we post on the six days of the week that Ben Abraham doesn’t, and there are usually more non-game-related articles… So I guess we’re actually more like Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s Sunday Papers, except less British.

You can send Kris recommendations for the roundups via Twitter or email!

…I can’t stop looking at it.


Kicking off with Gamasutra, Jeffrey Matulef has a riveting piece on the unusual health mechanics in Sword & Sworcery. Over among the member blogs, Alan Jack produces a few barbs about comedy and horror in gameplay and Seth Gorden looks to the role of action in the RPG.

ROUS regular Joel Goodwin sends his latest Where We Came From installment our way, this time speaking with Steven Furnell.

Fantastic piece tonight from Jonathan McCalmont over on Futurismic: how videogames get conversations so dreadfully, dreadfully wrong.

Everyone is all a-twitter about the return of Insert Coin under Brian Sheffield. And what better way to kick things off than with a totally tubular games journalism manifesto.

None too fond of Child of Eden? Don’t worry, there are other descendants of Rez to be happy about.


I’m the one who’s gonna burn your house down! With the lemons!