Christina Norman, Lead Gameplay Designer of Mass Effect 2 and 3, Leaves Bioware

Talk about out of the blue–while browsing the Bioware forums today, I came across a shocking piece of information: Christina Norman, the lead gameplay designer on Mass Effect 2 and most of Mass Effect 3, has left Bioware. In a post on a thread with ME3 news in it, Chris Priestly, Bioware’s community manager, stated the following:

“I removed Christina Norman from the Twitter information section as Christina has left BioWare (she recently got married and she and her husband moved away from Edmonton).”

According to Priestly, replacing Norman in Mass Effect 3 will be Preston Watamaniuk, lead designer of Mass Effect 1 and 2. Christina Norman had been at Bioware for almost six years.

One Comment

  1. HoHoYo

    Soryy for that but she was one of the main responsible of all the fault of ME2!!!!

    I am sure that now is too late for save ME3…
    But at least we will have some hope for ME4!!!