New 'Hardcore' Mode for Terraria Detailed, Stats

Two big announcements from the folks over at Terraria today. First, some numbers. As of today–the 16th of June:

Copies/4Packs Sold Total – 350,000+ (Copies Owned – 432,000+)
Days/Top Ten Sales List on Steam – 32 days
Days/Top Ten Played List on Steam – 32 days
Players Online at once – Peaks we have seen range from 14k to 32k a day.
Facebook Likes – 28,773
TerrariaOnline Members –
YouTube Trailer Views – (Old-Gameplay) 1,181,691, (Release Trailer) 866,285

Impressive, no?

And that’s not all. In an effort to give the game some staying power and replayability, a new mode will be implemented: hardcore mode. Included in the 1.0.5 update, the mode is somewhat of a mystery. Not wanting to go without throwing us some sort of a bone, though, what was revealed about the mode is the following:

It’s a character-based option, picked at character creation and cannot be turned off once picked.

It will implement a permadeath playthrough ala Witcher 2: meaning, once you die, that’s it. You have to start a new character. You can, however, revisit the world left behind by an older character–doing so might mean finding your old character’s gravestone, too!

Blue talks about other upcoming changes in the dev log, which you can find here.


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