Timesplitters 4 Reportedly in Development for Microsoft's Next Console

According to a high-ranking industry source at Crytek, Microsoft is going to reveal the new console within 12 months, possibly at E3 2012. The console’s hardware specifications hasn’t been finalized, but Crytek seems to be basing next-gen development on DirectX 11. Crytek is also investing in preparation for Sony’s next console.

As for the game itself, Timesplitters 4 is being developed by Crytek UK(formerly Free Radical, who developed the other Timesplitters games) and is said to focus on exploration and branching paths through levels. Hopefully they also keep Timesplitters’  humor in as well. Crytek UK’s most recent project was Crysis 2’s multiplayer.

The last game in the Timesplitters series was Timesplitters: Future Perfect, which was released in 2005. Timesplitters 4 was revealed to be in development by Free Radical in 2007, but then they went under and got purchased by Crytek, and Timesplitters 4 was put on hold. So I’m sure Timesplitters fans will be pretty pleased to hear a new game is in development(I know I am).

However, Microsoft announcing the next console within 12 months sounds rather odd, since they’ve said that Kinect is supposed to extend the 360’s lifespan by 5 years. Kinect launched about 7 months ago, so it seems rather early for them to announce a new console.

Source: videogamer.com