Is Bungie Working on a Steampunk Game?

Superannuation’s digging today has revealed something intriguing: there seems to be evidence for a steampunk game currently being developed by Bungie. The first piece of evidence: a steampunk photoshoot held at Bungie studios, which they state is “for a Steampunk Video Game.” The listing reads as follows:

“Calling all Greater Seattle steampunks! I need people to show up in
steampunk finery to have photos taken for video game artwork for a
steampunk game currently in development. Wear your own steampunk
clothing or show up and we’ll put you in costume. Snacks and beverages
will be provided and a good time will be had by all!”


The listing goes on to describe what seems to be a description of the themes that the game is going for–Victorian British military, French military, Confederate or Pirate-y themed.”

Bungie is rumored to be working on an MMO for Activision, and they’ve gone ahead and trademarked for a game titled “Destiny.” Destiny is described as “computer game software downloadable from a global computer network, which, yes, is very vague.

Further damning evidence–should it be legit, anyway–is this LinkedIn profile, where a gameplay programmer at Bungie outright states that he is working on an MMO called Destiny.

Superannuation concedes, though, that this project might just be an ARG project that Bungie has planned for Bungie Day.