Ludicrous Back-Stabbing Simulator Magicka Sells Well

In the past few months you may briefly have heard about a little game called Magicka, which, despite eliciting an overall average critical response, quickly became a fan favorite. Since its release in January, the quite sarcastic magic-themed action-RPG Magicka has sold 600.000 copies, and in an interview with PC Gamer Fred Wester of Paradox Interactive, the game’s publisher, anticipates that if the current trend continues, Magicka will have sold over a million copies by the end of the year.

They also briefly touch upon the many bugs that marred the early days of the game, and Paradox titles in general, plus upcoming “PvP” DLC for the game, which – hang on – will be free for owners of the original game! Paradox have otherwise excelled at releasing quite large amounts of DLC at a high price, although it should be noted that this DLC package will give players the opportunity to buy hats for their characters. What is it about hats nowadays?