Have A Fantasy? You Might Help Polymorphous Perversity

Polymorphous Perversity is the upcoming controversial RPG currently in development by Nicolau Chaud. Progress on development is going slowly but surely, by the looks of it.

One may note that the development blog has a curious page titled “Bathroom Wall.” Here, Chaud calls for submissions of anything perverse that may come to mind: “sex fantasies, curse, whatever.” The idea being that perhaps these submissions will be used in the game somehow.

The function of the page can be compared to a bathroom wall, in that “people write nasty things” in a public display regardless of what others may think. This game is, in a way, all about liberation, about seeing sex as it is and not as the highly taboo, behind closed doors deal. “Sex is often fun, so I don’t see why the game shouldn’t be. Sex is not OMFG SO SERIOUS, and neither should the game be,” Chaud has stated before.

So, one may assume that submissions will be taken without casting judgement…and, it can be anonymous if you’d like, to boot.