El Shaddai Dated, Trailer, Box Art, Website and More

Ignition Entertainment have officially announced the release date for El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron for North American shores. Mark your calendar, folks, it’s slated to release on July 26th. The game will launch September 9th for those of you that are across the pond. To celebrate the announcement, Ignition Entertainment has released a brand-new trailer which explains the story as well as showcases new gameplay–from combat, to platforming sections and more. Truly, the trailer oozes with visual splendor.


Yeah, it does look like if Lady Gaga made a game, doesn’t it? In any case, the official boxart has also been released. Check it out:



Owly Images

Lastly, make sure to head on over to the official website, which has been revamped. You can now find over a hundred wallpapers, character profiles and some religious-y music in the background.