UPDATED: Call of Duty Elite Incoming This Fall, Certain Components of the Service Will Cost Money

Yes. It’s happening, folks. Today Activision revealed to the Wall Street Journal that Modern Warfare 3 will launch with a subscription service this fall. Called ‘Call of Duty Elite’, the service aims to provide extra content and services not available in the game proper–such as map packs, tools to analyze personal performance and more. Though a price point has not been concretely set, they’re thinking it won’t cost more than comparable entertainment services such as Netflix–which can charge about 7.99 a month. It also sounds as if the content and services the subscription will provide have also not been set in stone just yet.

On the subject, Bobby Kotick says he is not worried about backlash from gamers because  everyone “will still be able to compete against each other online without subscribing to the service.”

Activision clarifies that the service will be free, but that certain as-of-yet unknown components will cost money.


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  2. datdude

    Battlefield 3 here I come… how greedy can a company get.. Activision will get no more of my hard earned money.. now they are trying to squeeze money for something they should be offering to every player for free. Give me a break. Hope their greedy little fingers get chopped off and this is the beginning of the end for activision and modern warfare franchise.