Remastered PSP Games to Release on PS3

Sony Computer Entertainment announced the PSP Remaster series yesterday. Beginning in Japan, “blockbuster” PSP titles will see physical Blu-ray releases on the PS3. The games are being designed specifically for the PS3 and aren’t just straight ports of the PSP version. There are plans for other regions like the U.S. to get the games as well.

Throughout the system’s life, various PSP games have been ported to the PlayStation 2. Popular games like Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow and Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters were later released for the PS2. Now that trend is evolving to the next generation.

The ports come with several new features. The PSP Remaster games will feature updated high-definition graphics. Players will be able to use their save data across both the PSP and PS3 versions of the game. Additional features like 3D gaming and downloadable content will vary depending on the title. For certain PSP Remaster games, multiplayer gaming between the two systems will be supported through the ad-hoc party mode on the PS3. Mandatory trophy support will most likely be included in the Remaster games.

The first revealed game for the PSP Remaster series was Capcom’s Monster Hunter 3rd HD Vers. The PS3 version features improved graphics. No other new features have been confirmed. The game originally released for the PSP on Dec. 1, 2010. However, it was only made available in Japan. The game has sold more than four million copies. An official release date for HD Vers. hasn’t been set.

There have been rumors that a God of War PSP collection featuring HD versions of Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta will release for the PS3 in July across Asian territories.

Details for the PSP Remaster series in North America haven’t been released. Additional titles for the PSP Remaster series haven’t been confirmed.

Here’s a video preview of Monster Hunter 3rd HD Vers.: