LA Noire Will Allow Players to Skip The Action

In an effort to court a wider audience with LA Noire, Rockstar will be implementing a type skip-the-action system. “You can skip those action elements and still experience the bulk of the narrative,” states Rob Nelson, LA Noire’s art director. This is only an option after a player fails a section a couple of times, though. Almost like Nintendo’s “Super Guide,” only this isn’t a game centered around action–and that is a crucial difference. MTV states that “80% of “LA Noire” is an absence of action.” The star here isn’t the shooting bits–it’s the narrative, the investigation itself. “The hour-long case demonstrated at the screening had maybe five minutes of typical action,” states the MTV Multiplayer blog. Thus, the choice to include this feature may tell us that this is just how much faith Rockstar is putting on the narrative of LA Noire.

This news has cemented my purchase. As someone who abhors most single player shooting games (“Single player is just me killing algorithms,” as someone on Twitter puts it) being able to skip the parts I don’t care about might mean I actually finish the game!

One Comment

  1. Tom

    This’ll become so common it’ll be a feature in nearly every big name game, and honestly it’s a long time coming.

    It’s not like they’re forcing you to skip the action: I’ll still shoot everyone. It’s more that it gives people who aren’t good at these games the chance to play the title, and it shows the emphasis here is on conversation and narrative, not on gameplay. Which is good.

    Though if you can skip the action, it makes me wonder whether the action is integrated at all into the story. It’s probably not, which is sad.