UPDATED Mass Effect 3 To Have Class Specific 'Heavy Melee', Enemy Types, Locations and More

Trove of new Mass Effect 3 info for you folks, courtesy of the Bioware forums (scroll down a bit to read it in English) who have access to a Spanish magazine with said info (and as a note, this link is useless to you if you can’t read Spanish).

Some of the more interesting tidbits;

  • UPDATED: Christina Norman clarifies this bullet point as follows, “No new classes. All classes have improved melee and a class-specific heavy melee.” There’s a new class called ‘Heavy Melee’ which will take advantage of the swath of new melee moves which will be introduced in this iteration, including “rolling, jumping small holes in the ground, as the SWAT turn and strike the enemy with greater variety of melee attacks.”
  • Though the reason that Cerberus turns on you is still not explained, they tell us that the Illusive Man will send out three types of enemies at you: mechs, assault units and what is described as “ninja” shock troops. Woo! We might get a slight reprise from the ENDLESS HORDE of mercs from 2!!!!
  • Engineers can pull a TF2: there’s turret building.
  • Yes, we will finally visit Earth–New York, specifically (of course?). Also, Mars. As for the rest of the galaxy, we’ll be visiting a Salarian world and what may be a Quarian moon.
  • It seems to be suggesting that the game is 10 to 15% faster than previous iterations.
  • There’s a new scanning system. Woo Mk 2.
  • Influences for the third title include Halo, KOTOR, Star Wars, Blade Runner, Total Recall, Battlestar Galactica, and Firefly. Surprising no one, I’m sure!
  • Bioware thought about changing their morality system at some point, but decided against it.
  • Though Shepard’s story ends, they list possibilities like an MMO, to an action title in first person, or perhaps a platformer–that it depends on what players want.
  • Weapons can be modded and customized, suggests that there are at least 5 things to customize for weapons (scopes, ammo types…?)
  • They can make some “really bad things” happen as endings. Wow, are they talking about actual consequence? The mind, it boggles.
  • It’s Bioware’s most ambitious title to date.

More Mass Effect 3 info as it arises!


  1. David

    New scanning system? I’d get a lot more excited if they said no scanning system.

    Of course, press A to scan would still technically be system, so here’s hoping, right?

  2. Trodamus

    Cereberus turns on you? Should we all go back and revisit our savegames if we handed over the collector’s base? How disappointing.

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