Bastion looking swell

One more brief trailer into the breach my friends! Bastion was recently picked up by publisher Warner Bros. Interactive, most likely for one of those fancy “Summer of Live” releases, and had a new trailer released at roughly the same time from GDC. We missed it, in a spurt of Dragon Age 2 and Pokemon related reverie, but now we’re here, and we’ve got the scoop. The days old, completely stale scoop!

But that’s okay, because Bastion is one of those games more and more people deserve to hear about. Made by guys who worked on Command and Conquer games for EA in the past, Bastion is nothing, at all, like that, but instead a stylized top down dungeon crawler a la Diablo 2. Its main selling point, however, is its wonderful aesthetic sense. Like, the game is absolutely charming, and the trailer above will sell it a thousand times better than I can.

And yes, I hate doing promotional type posts, but I make an exception for indies, or when I am absorbed in two 40+ hour long games. Oh, actually three, since Radiant Historia still exists and is a thing.