No Catherine in the US…yet

Atlus are some crafty motherfuckers, we know that now.

The internet has been raised to tizzy levels over the recent announcement that Catherine won’t be coming to the US. Well, that they have “no plans for an NA release at this time.” Which is very, very different than “won’t be coming to the US”, which is how the news is being reported. What it means is that it is not on their schedule of games to translate and, with an immediately upcoming release of Persona 2, it’s probably a good idea to get as many people in an uproar about Catherine not being released in the US as possible before it is announced.

They did this for Demon’s Souls, too, let us not forget. There were no plans to release it here, then suddenly there were huge, immediate plans, and then it became Atlus’ centerpiece at an investor’s meeting. That’s very possible here, as well. I mean, it’s not like Atlus USA is working on any big thing like the remake of Persona 2: Innocent Sin or anything, which is a much bigger “traditional” release. Additionally, Catherine would probably take a lot of time, and be very difficult to port. Probably smart to not commit to the project until you know it’s workable.