Hiatus Over!

One of the trickiest bits of being a small, indie games journalism blog is that there’s only a couple of us, and we all have lives. This blog, at the moment, has four relatively regular contributors, and the problem is that when you have so few people, if stuff comes up in all their lives at once, then posts don’t happen. Hell, if we decide we have better things to do than play video games for a period of time, then things fall apart.

And that’s what happened. A combination of work, not being enthused about games, and just plain not having time to something quite as thankless as posting on a blog has left us without a regular contributor for a couple weeks. It sucks, I know. What did you all do with yourself? Probably went somewhere else, somewhere warmer and cozier.

But Nightmare Mode’s back now! Are we back for good? I don’t know. Nothing’s for good in this world. And by “We’re back!” I mean “I’m back!”, in that everyone else is still dealing with their own things. For my part, I’ve got some pretty big things in the cooker that I want to throw at you all, and we’ll see how it goes.

What I do mean to say, though, is I’m glad you’re reading. Because readers are excellent! They make us feel like we make a difference, in…whatever way someone talking philosophically about games can make a difference! And that’s important. Now, sappy time over, let’s go back to crushing the skulls of our enemies and hearing the lamentations of their women!

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