Catherine has gameplay!

The internet is a funny place. Andriasang has reported that there is in fact gameplay in Catherine, and everyone there seems to be pretty okay about it. The rest of the internet, though, seems to be taking this as some sort of horror. Oh, no! The gameplay is pushing blocks to escape from Vincent’s nightmares? And not a JRPG? HEAVEN FUCKING HELP US.

I mean, a person with half a brain could have figured out the gameplay would be running, in some fashion. The way it seems is less scare based and more “solve this puzzle before you fucking die!” which sounds like a pretty neat mechanic. Personally, I’m still sold, because I think the guys at Atlus can pull off a puzzle based horror game much better than an actual horror game. Remember the horrible Jack Frost puzzles from Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne? Yeah. This is a game full of those, plus horrible babies with chainsaws through their eyes.

So I’m really baffled by why western audiences seem upset over this. What better gameplay could there be? Vincent collecting dream animals and using them to fight off his horrible nightmares? Oh, that was what you wanted. A video gamey video game. Right. I forgot.

Catherine’s Action Part Detailed