PSA: Absurd Steam Sales

If you don’t live under a rock, you know it’s almost Black Friday. Which means ridiculous sales everywhere, and absolutely, fucking ridiculous sales on Steam.

Case in point: today only, you can get the Indie Story pack for a ludicrous $5. Included is acclaimed platformer And Yet It Moves, Gish (featuring Gish! Of Super Meat Boy fame), Jolly Rover, Telltale’s Puzzle Agent (which is supposedly mediocre), and, my personal favorite, present #3 on my game of the year tally, Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale. How ludicrous is this? This would function as a 50% off sale for any of the first four games, and a whopping 75% off of Recettear. And Recettear is easily worth its full $20, and I would have posted about this even if it were on sale by itself.

But no! You get 4 free games with it. Personally, I just bought it for Gish, and I still feel like I just ripped someone off. If you’ve not played Recettear, while I never reviewed it it’s definitely near great, at least, and I would recommend it at 75% off. 75% off with 4 free games is just ludicrous.

Oh, there are other games on sale, too. You should throw best tower defense game ever Defense Grid in with that pack if you’ve never played it, because it is the best game on sale today. You could also get Audiosurf for cheap, or Batman: Arkham Asylum (which I’m not a particular fan of, sorry to say) for pretty cheap. Or, if you have 10 friends, you can buy 10 copies of Puzzle Quest 2 for 34$. I would have preferred one copy for $5, but what can you do?

IMPORTANT EDIT: Cheapassgamer, those clever gents, have figured out that there’ll be a pack a day until you are satisfied. Which is Cyber Monday. Here are the packs by the numbers:
– Indie Air Pack: Altitude, DogFighter, Flotilla, Gratuitous Space Battles, Plain Sight
– Indie Clever Pack: Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time, Eufloria, Iron Grip: Warlord, VVVVVV, World of Goo
– Indie Pulse Pack: Audiosurf, Beat Hazard, Bit Trip Beat, The Polynomial, Rhythm Zone
– Indie Puzzle Pack: Cogs, Droplitz, Puzzle Dimension, Shatter, Tidalis

Personally, I’m in for…well, all of these. 5$ is enough of a discount that buying the Indie Air Pack for *just* Gratuitous Space Battles. Everything else has at least one game I own, but I’ll still plunk down 5$. And then have absolutely no need for new video games for the next metric century. If you want to be cheap, the Clever Pack and Air Pack are my most recommended. Clever has my present #1 game of the year VVVVVV, as well as some other neat stuff and your fifteenth copy of World of Goo, while the Air Pack has Flotilla, a fantastic little space explorer, as well as Altitude, a cool multiplayer plane combat game.