The Elder Scrolls V is (Probably) Happening

You’re surprised. Act surprised. I’m going to start this post over again.


My favorite part of today has, obviously, been how the games media are acting like the Elder Scrolls V is newly announced even though most of them know Todd Howard already mentioned it a million years ago as a thing and there’s no concrete information except in that interview. Well, except that it might be a “direct sequel”. Of course, Oblivion was a direct sequel to Morrowind, too. Lots of NPCs talked about the events in Morrowind the PC from the previous game was involved in. Well, lots of NPCs with one voice, at least.

Though, to be frank, the Elder Scrolls V would be *the* game. Oblivion was a game, but it was a very flawed game, due to the scaling and due to the complete lack of voiceover actors in the game (besides the esteemed Patrick Stewart). It sounds, from the above interview with Todd Howard, that this will still use Gamebryo, but a very, very modified version, fixing a lot of the old one’s problems. They say it will be a dramatic leap forward. Hopefully, this means they’ll fix the character interaction problems, iron out a collection of bugs, and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD not scale everything. Or, if they do scale everything, make the leveling system not hair-pullingly awful in conjunction with it.

Really, though, this is just an excuse to post the Morrowind speed run, which is hilarious and fantastic.