Radiant Historia has release date, quick turnaround

Looking for *another* game to be pumped about in the early weeks of 2011? Well, Atlus has today announced Radiant Historia (a game it sometimes feels like I am the only person in the world truly excited about) will come to American DS’s with words translated from the original moon to malfangled American English on February 22nd.

In case you are curious, Radiant Historia is an RPG with a fruity name and lots of time traveling. In effect, it is a JRPG where you get to make lots of profound choices, according to Andriasang, then go to alternate timelines and see how things could have turned out. Internet reaction so far has revealed a serious, political storyline, a complete lack of random encounters, good production values that remind of games like Legend of Mana, and a tactically influenced grid battle system (like a smaller scale SRPG). And no awful voice acting. That’s maybe the best part. Basically, it looks pretty swell.

This is also a very quick turnaround, as it released in Japan on November 3rd and I didn’t expect a port until the summer. This is perhaps good news for those of you expecting an early Catherine release, because if Atlus gets their shit together so quickly on a DS RPG with zero hype, then it stands to reason that they’d get things together quicker on a game everyone and their mother is interested in.

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  1. This game does look pretty sweet – although the sprite animations look a little silly. First time visiting your site. It’s pretty cool. I like your style of writing as well. Have a kudo!