'Eventual' Console Version of The Witcher 2 Kept In Mind By Designers

As of right now, though there is no concrete announcement of The Witcher 2, console gamers shouldn’t lose hope. CD Projekt RED’s upcoming RPG title may be developing for PC, they’re designing the game in such a way that a console version would not require too much reconstruction of the game’s systems according to GameBanshee. Senior Producer Tomasz Gop has stated the following in regards to a console version of The Witcher 2:

“We want to make Witcher 2 on current generation consoles, but there is no point in saying “yes” or “no”, if you don’t have something concrete [to show]. Simultaneous release [of PC and console wersion] is impossible. We will do out best, but you will have to wait for specifics.

We designed the game in that way, that eventual console wersion of Witcher 2 won’t force us to change the interface, redesign the gameplay, controls and so on. We attempted to [project the game in that way] that making a console version would be really easy for us.”

And why would you be interested in the Witcher, fellow console gamers? I could tell you, but it’s easier for you to just watch this video showcasing all the neat things The Witcher 2 will allow players to do–choice is paramount.