LA Noire doesn't fuck you, Nico Bellic

Hey, it’s an open world Rockstar game where everyone doesn’t look like they’re cursing people off like Nico Bellic! Yes, folks, it’s the “first” trailer for LA Noire. And by “first” trailer, I don’t mean the debut trailer. That is not first. Especially considering that these two trailers have similarly styled content: cutscenes!

I’ll be honest: LA Noire is my jam. When the game was announced, I was enthused. Mostly because noir is kind of my thing. Anyway, the trailer above doesn’t tell us a whole lot. In fact, it’s stereotypical noir trailer stuff, but you know what? I love it. There aren’t enough noir themed games out there, and LA Noire will fill that exceptional niche.

And it has a release date now! Spring 2011. That’ll give you just enough time to finally beat Red Dead Redemption! Unless it comes out in March. That may not be enough time.